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Maureen Preen's Textile Crafts


Ideas for pegloom weaving


Weaving a plastic mat with cut-up rubbish bags (Pegloom book page 6)


"Farmers twine" warps macramed a modern stained glass window (page 25)


Warps - Navajo plied handspun (page 14)


Fleece rug - circular weaving on a pegloom (page 30)


....with the addition of a few colourful carrier bags (page 7)

Reversible raggy rug technique (page 19)


When I gave a talk in Bloemfontein, I came home with lustrous "Kid mohair" which I handspun, vegetable dyed and wove on a fine pegloom to make this heavy mat 2'5" x 2'.  It is for sale at £140.


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