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Maureen Preen's Textile Crafts


Ideas for using weaving sticks

 weaving stick ideas

Hairy caterpillar, dragonflies, tree, mushroom with corkwork stalk

(Weaving Stick book, pages 12-15, page 30)

 weaving stick rug


Strips of 2, 3, 4 and 5 stick weaving sewn together (page 27)

 woven mobius ring

Moebius ring cowl woven on 5 W-sticks in handspun Samoyed, silk and soft grey fleece

 bag woven with sticks

Adapt the draught-board idea....(page 27)

 knitted fringe

Knitted fringe (page 29) on handspun rug made of strips of 5-stick weaving

 knitted twizzle

Twizzle (No. 5, page 31)

 Knitted wrapping

Wrapping (page 32)

 round mat with weaving sticks

Round mat (page 30)

 textile jewelry made with weaving sticks

Textile jewelry - not in the book, but you can see what's been done!

 textile thread beads

Textile thread beads on the warp ends (page 26)

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